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On the plane, without redundant adornment, come from the
of the heart, all regression is natural. Construct the
emptiness of 

With exquisite ideology and fashionable design trend, it is far away 

from traditional materialism.Attach importance to the spiritual 

aesthetics of self and interpret the new definition of shower.

Life rejected vulgar, also rejected the grotesque, in plain
light, lack contains the most beautiful emotional light.

Bathroom interval accessories series are made of refined copper 

and stainless steel, with clear structure and clear lines.With a 

variety of installation types, a complete range of products, easy 


    • Glass-clip-series
    • Shower- room-connectors- series
    • Fixation-clamp-series
    • Glass-door-handle-series
    • Handrail-fittings-series
    • Glass-connecting-series
    • Sliding-and-stacking-system-series
    • Guardrail-glass-clamp-series
    • Spider-fitting-series
    • What are the ways to fix the glass curtain wall

      Glass insulation light transmission, stable performance, due to the use of various types of different occasions and have different characteristics, the scope of application is very wide.